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  • Prez report Feb 2014 There goes another xmas/new year break and back into the new working year – yay!! (yeah; right!). Heaps has happened (motorcycling wise) since I typed the last one of these reports some 8 weeks ago. We had our Dec and Jan club nights, there were the 3 rounds of the 2013 Suzuki series including the Wanganui street races on boxing day, the NZGP @ Ruapuna, lots of you have been out on your road and dirt bikes, there have been a few Trials events (3 already this year), the road riders had their xmas dinner at Raglan, and we visited the Auckland MCC for their club night on Jan 16th. I suppose the biggest news was that Nick Cole kicked some very serious butt at Wanganui on Boxing Day, winning both Superbike races, and the Robert Holden Memorial race. That allowed him to win the Superbike class of the 3 round Suzuki Series which is a great achievement, so well done to him! Club member Aaron Lovell and his (very brave) swinger won the “slidecar” races at Wanganui on the very trick LCR outfit (as displayed at one of our clubnights last year), and Jay Lawrence had good results in both the F3 and the Post Classic classes at Wanganui. There were some other HMCC members racing on the day (I even spotted Gary Wendt on his Maico 250 in the classic class), and just being out there competing is a great achievement in itself. Well done guys, it’s great to have the HMCC flag raised so high. Then Nick followed up his Wanganui success with a 2nd place in the NZGP in early January at Ruapuna. Shortly they will be into the NZSBK series, so all the best to all of our club members taking part in that series, as well as at Paeroa coming up on Feb 16th. With 3 events completed already, the Trials fraternity are well under way with another busy year of events. Between us and the Tauranga guys you lot must be the busiest Trials riders in NZ. Great stuff. Just backtracking to our Jan club night which was held on the thurs 9th Jan (the second thurs of the month - nothing like a small deviation from tradition), we were lucky enough to host former club member, TZ250 racer, Matamata bike shop owner, and all-round good guy Mike Webb. For those of you who weren’t around the club in the ‘80’s (or were, but don’t remember those years), Mike was an avid club member when he scored a top Job on the World GP stage. He has now risen up the ranks to be “Race Director” at MotoGP. He is the “Top Dog”, but I’m sure it all comes with a hell of a lot of responsibility, having to make all those hard and tricky decisions at times. I was sunning myself on the East Coast at the time and missed the night, but I have been led to believe there will be a blurb in this newsletter about the night (from Mike himself, I think). There is a heap of motorcycling stuff coming up this month, check out the back page of this fine publication. It all starts with a road ride a couple of hours before club night this thurs (Waitangi Day). We will be back at the clubrooms around 7.30pm for the usual socialising. See you there, Cheers, Bruce

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